Life Lessons from Pastor Fernando Jaime

Life Lessons from Pastor Fernando Jaime

“The Holy Spirit’s presence and power is released through intentional prayer. The book of Acts provided several examples of early believers coming together to pray for boldness (Acts 1:14-2:41; 2:42-47; 4:23-31; 6:3-7). In his work The Book of Church Growth, Thom Rainer explained, ‘Prayer is the power behind the principles. There simply is no more important principle in church growth than prayer. The prayers of the early church unleashed the power of God to add thousands to the church. It happened then. It is happening in some churches today. And it can happen in your church.” After praying, those early believers were empowered by the Spirit, and people are saved.” (Comeback Churches, Stetzer and Dodson, pp 70)

“13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13 NIV

Pastor Nando Jaime of New Hope Pearl Community is not only the Senior Pastor of a church in Pearl City, but he is also a friend I have known for several years and a brother in Christ whose resolve and loyalty to serve God is one that I admire.

My family and I were blessed to be a part of the New Hope Pearl Community Church during a very challenging season in our marriage and lives. Pastor Nando and his wife Lilia, along with some very faithful servants of Christ at the church played a very important role in my life personally.

Pastor Nando has been a man of God who has chosen to “pray for problems” and believes it is his calling to serve and nurture broken people back to health in Jesus Christ.

1. The importance of basing one’s life and ministry on being empowered through prayer.

Pastor Nando identified himself as a “loyalist.” I didn’t understand what he meant by that so I questioned him further. He felt that he has a deep loyalty to the Foursquare movement, to his pastor, Wayne Cordiero, and to his Filipino roots. He said that the Lord had spoken to him about not just being loyal to men or movements, but to be loyal to God Himself through prayer.

Pastor Nando, for as long as I have known him, has prided himself on NOT putting anyone on a prayer list. When the Holy Spirit whispers to pray for someone, or when someone asks for prayer, Pastor Nando insists that the prayers will not wait. Prayer lists are not to be taken and lifted to God at a later time. The time to pray, according to Pastor Nando, is whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Pastor Nando exemplifies this lesson as he will stop whatever is going on, in order to pray for whoever he is with right there and then. He feels strongly that there is a need to know God not only through one’s daily devotions, (which is an effective methodology of the New Hope movement) but also through prayer and simply spending time Jesus. To fully depend on Jesus Christ, is to know Him not only through devotions, but to spend time with Him as a best friend.

2. Depend on the Holy Spirit over programs.

Pastor Nando recognized that a critically important lesson he learned while serving in the ministry has been to focus on spiritual growth through time spent with God rather focusing on various church growth programs, campaigns, or strategies. Pastor Nando says that he has learned to be comfortable with who God made him to be and to not try to imitate others who appears to be more effective in ministry.

“Serve with simplicity and excellence,” Pastor Nando says. “Serve with simplicity and excellence.”

3. Find people to sit down with as accountability brothers. Pastor Nando recalls fondly his friends who are also pastors of churches similar to New Hope Pearl Community.

He identifies the importance of having good friends who will not “sugar coat” any errors that they observe in his life and tell it like it is when he needs correction spoken into his life. These same friends however, will also be the brothers that will “add a lot of sugar” and encourage him when he does things right. While men of God do not live for the praises of man, it can be said that encouragement from of men of God, do help greatly in encouraging a godly leader to persevere.

Pastor Nando knows that serving as a Senior Pastor is a unique calling and that there are times when he needs to have encouragement to press on from godly brothers who are walking through a similar journey.

If you could do one thing differently, what would that be?

Because I know Pastor Nando more on a personal basis than I have known the other pastors whom I have met with, I also know of the heartaches that he and his family have endured through the ministry on a spiritual and personal level.

He has wrestled with nursing a broken church back to health on several occasions. He went to Kauai to nurture and pastor a church that had been broken by a moral failure from a previous leader.

Following that time, he moved to Honolulu to become the Senior Pastor of New Hope Pearl Community whose founding pastor was moving away to attend schooling in the mainland.

In both cases, I know that Pastor Nando has experienced many unnecessary attacks and has had to lead the church through many challenges and painful struggles. Given my understanding of his background, I wondered what he would choose to do differently if he were given the opportunity.

Pastor Nando looked me in the eye and said, “Ty, I appreciate the hard lessons I learned. God was in always in charge of my pain. I’ve learned to trust God through the disappointments, hurts, and betrayals. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

I learn from Pastor Nando a principle based on his insight on prayer. Pastor Nando is quick to respond to the call to pray and bold in taking action no matter where he is at or when it may be. He teaches me that I must not hesitate when God leads me to take bold actions for Him.

Someone once said, “Delayed obedience is disobedience.” Delayed obedience is a danger for me since I often like to think things through and figure things our before I take action. Pastor Nando serves as an example to me of someone who hears God and is quick to obey.

To contact Pastor Nando about information about New Hope Pearl Community, he can be reached at


Lord too often my fear of failure and fear of rejection cause me to pause or hesitate before I obey You. Empower me to grow in boldness and obedience for Your name’s sake. As Pastor Nando teaches me, Lord, may I be a person without a prayer list. Amen.


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