Do It!!! – by Perry Noble


Do it! By Perry Noble

Posted: 30 Jun 2011 04:10 AM PDT

I’ve got to be honest here…MOST church leaders do not lack the wisdom to do what they need to do, they just lack the courage to do it.

In the hundreds and hundreds of conversations I’ve had with church leaders there has very seldom been a time where a situation was presented to me and I was able to share some new information with a leader about their particular set of circumstances. In fact, I will usually listen and then look at them and say, “well, you know what you need to do” and they will begin to nod their head and say, “yeah, I know…but…”

Like I said…most of the time it’s not necessarily that we lack the wisdom. We just lack the courage.

Let me be VERY clear…it’s not easy doing what God has called us to do! Moses begged God to send someone else. Jeremiah accused God of deceiving him! Paul got the absolute snot beat out of him on several occasions…and let’s not forget that the one we say we follow actually went to the cross.

It’s not easy…that’s why God calls, equips and leads leaders! And…if He has called you, equipped you, enabled you and brought you to the place of making the decision that you know you need to make then He will be with you through that decision and will NEVER leave your side.

In other words…if He called you to it then He will lead you through it! (Philippians 1:6)

Take a second to read Judges 4:15-16 (actually the whole chapter is awesome) and NOTICE WHEN GOD began to move…it wasn’t BEFORE the leader made a move that required both faith and courage…it was AFTER!

As church leaders we should beg God for HIS wisdom in leading His church (James 1:5)…but…when He reveals Himself to us and we know what we need to do…then we’ve GOT to do it OR we are living in the land of disobedience!

Remember…delayed obedience is disobedience!

So…what’s He calling you to?

Start a church?
Begin a new campus?
Hire a staff member?
Have a difficult conversation with a staff member/volunteer?
Confess/repent of sin in your life?
I could go on and on! Just remember…the steps of faith He commands us to take are never really easy! EVER!!! Seriously, where in the Scriptures did God EVER ask a leader to do something that was completely within his or her grasp of being able to pull off by themselves?

He ALWAYS calls us to do the impossible so that HE can get the glory when all is said and done.

So…whatever He is calling you to do…DO IT! (See John 2:5)



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