Seven Reasons Why Evangelism Should Be a Priority of Your Church


Seven Reasons Why Evangelism Should Be a Priority of Your Church

Evan­ge­lism is dying in many church­es today.

No, that’s not an over­state­ment. I am not speak­ing hyper­bol­i­cal­ly.

Evan­ge­lism is dying.

Look at the data. Mea­sure almost any group of church­es today ver­sus thir­ty years ago. You’ll like­ly find that only one per­son is being reached with the gospel for every forty to sixty church mem­bers. You will find that con­ver­sions have declined pre­cip­i­tous­ly. And where you find numer­i­cal growth, you are more like­ly to find that the growth is trans­fer of Chris­tians from one church to anoth­er. That’s not evan­ge­lism. That’s sheep shuf­fling.

Pas­tors and other lead­ers must fall on their faces before God and ask Him to reignite their con­gre­ga­tions with an evan­ge­lis­tic pas­sion. When evan­ge­lism dies as a pri­or­i­ty in the church, the church has already begun to die.

So why should evan­ge­lism be one of the high­est pri­or­i­ties in your church? Though the rea­sons are many, allow me to share seven of them.

Because Christ com­mand­ed it. We typ­i­cal­ly refer to the Great Com­mis­sion of Matthew 28:18-20 as our evan­ge­lis­tic and disciples-making com­mand. But there are many other places in the New Tes­ta­ment where the pri­or­i­ty of evan­ge­lism is clear­ly evi­dent. Christ com­mand­ed it. We must do it.

Because Christ is the only way of sal­va­tion. There is no way around it. Sal­va­tion is exclu­sive. There is only one way. Jesus could not have made it clear­er in John 14:6: “Jesus told him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.’” Jesus had an urgent mes­sage. He had an exclu­sive mes­sage. We must be con­vey­ors of that narrowly-defined hope.

Because Christ died for the world. There is a rea­son John 3:16 is the most famil­iar and most quot­ed verse in the his­to­ry of human­i­ty. Jesus died for the world. He is the only way, but He has pro­vid­ed a way for every­one. That is a mes­sage that is urgent and worth telling. Indeed it’s the great­est mes­sage ever.

Because church­es that are not inten­tion­al about evan­ge­lism typ­i­cal­ly are weak in evan­ge­lism. Many pas­tors and church lead­ers will affirm this arti­cle. They will give men­tal assent to the pri­or­i­ty of evan­ge­lism. But they do not prac­tice the pri­or­i­ty of evan­ge­lism in their church­es. What are you doing today to make cer­tain evan­ge­lism is a pri­or­i­ty in your church?

Because church­es tend to obsess inward­ly when they fail to move out­ward­ly. Where has a lot of your church’s ener­gy been expend­ed late­ly? Ran­corous busi­ness meet­ings? Expres­sions of petty church pref­er­ences? Wor­ship wars? Power strug­gles? Those are inward obses­sions. Lead your church to an evan­ge­lis­tic pri­or­i­ty and watch the focus shift for the bet­ter.

Because church­es become con­tent and com­pla­cent with trans­fer growth. Some church­es are grow­ing. Oth­ers are adding mem­bers with­out sig­nif­i­cant numer­i­cal growth. But many in both cat­e­gories are grow­ing at the expense of other church­es. Some may be reach­ing unchurched Chris­tians. That’s good, but that’s not evan­ge­lism. We can fool our­selves into think­ing we are evan­ge­lis­tic when we are sim­ply recir­cu­lat­ing the saints.

Because evan­ge­lis­tic Chris­tians actu­al­ly grow stronger as bet­ter dis­ci­pled Chris­tians. Those who are evan­ge­lis­tic are obe­di­ent to Christ. Being obe­di­ent to Christ means that we are fol­low­ing His teach­ings and becom­ing a bet­ter fruit-bearing dis­ci­ples.

Most church­es are busy with activ­i­ties, pro­grams, and min­istries. Few church­es are truly send­ing out their mem­bers to evan­ge­lize those in their com­mu­ni­ties. The Great Com­mis­sion has fast become the Great Omis­sion.

Evan­ge­lism is dying.

Church­es are dying.

Peo­ple are going to hell with­out Christ.

It is per­haps the great­est tragedy today.

What are you doing to lead your church to become more evan­ge­lis­tic?


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