5 Helpful Tips They DID Tell Me When I Began Ministry, by Ty Tamasaka

5 Helpful Tips They DID Tell Me When I Began Ministry, by Ty Tamasaka


I’ve been privileged to have some great men and women of God mentor me along the way.  Last time I went over some things I wish people told me about ministry before I began.  This time, I’m sharing 5 helpful tips they DID teach me when I began ministry.  These are lessons I still hold very close to my heart.    

1 – Don’t sacrifice your spouse and kids at the altar of ministry. 

Back in the Old Testament, pagan religions sacrificed their children to the false gods like Baal.  Today we think we are more “civilized” because we don’t worship those false gods and don’t sacrifice children.

If pastors are not careful, they can sacrifice their wife and children at the altar of “successful ministry” or doing “the work of God.”  Don’t sacrifice your family at the sake of the church.  Don’t buy into the myth that if you take care of the church, God will take care of your family.  Jesus says the church is His bride, not yours.  He has entrusted your wife and children to you to care for.  Don’t neglect them.      

2 – Learn to forgive quickly.

There are hurt feelings and frustration that arises.  As a leader, it is important to forgive quickly.  Don’t hold onto grudges.  Don’t linger.  Forgive quickly.

3 – Those you thought would never leave… do.  Those you thought would never stay… do. 

This has been a challenging (but true) point, but it always served as a reminder to be diligent in building others for the work of the ministry.   

4 – Sermon preparation should never replace your devotions. 

There were times I thought my sermon preparation time could replace my devotions.  After all, it is in depth study of the Word of God… right?  Wrong.  Sermon preparation is great time to dig deeper into God’s Word to share what God’s Word says to the church.  In order to know what God is saying to the church, you need to first know what God is saying to you.    

5 – Never stop doing your devotions. 

It’s important to study God’s Word and prepare for messages, but my devotional time in God’s Word is a non-negotiable and I need to feed my own soul.  If I am not staying strong in God’s Word, I cannot expect others to do so.

A special thank you to great friends and mentors along the way.  Keep up the great work!


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