4 Obstacles to Overcome in Prayer, by Ty Tamasaka

4 Obstacles to Overcome in Prayer, by Ty Tamasaka


… pray continually.

—1 Thessalonians 5:17 NIV

If someone were to ask you, “How is your prayer life?” what would be your response?  Prayer is a sincere, sensible, affectionate pouring out of the soul to God, through Christ, in the strength and assistance of the Spirit, for such things as God has promised.” It is in our times of prayer that God gives us the strength to overcome in life. Paul teaches we should pray at all times, in any posture, in any place, and for any reason.  Sadly, there things that hinder our prayer lives.  Here are 4.   

1 – Technology – iPhones, iPads, email, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, televisions, and computer screens all compete for our attention.  In spite of all of these distractions, it is important to carve out some time for the spiritual discipline of prayer.

2 – Trials – We all face trials in life.  These challenging moments can either drive us away from the cross or to the cross.  Be wise and turn to God when facing trials.  Turn to Him in prayer.

3 – Broken Relationships – Broken relationships that seem too far gone to mend can be a prayer-killer.  Sometimes we may not pray because we don’t believe things will change.  Let the relationship problems in your life cause you to cling more tightly to Jesus through prayer.

4 – Pride – Prayer is itself a statement of helplessness.  Prayer reminds us that we are dependent on someone else.  God.  Deep down, we desire control… even though none of us really have it.    Release your needs to Jesus in prayer.  Recognize God’s sovereignty over all things and seek His control.

These are not the only obstacles to prayer, but they are big ones.  What obstacles to prayer do you face and how do you overcome them?

Ty Tamasaka is an author who hold a Master of Arts Degree from Pacific Rim Christian University in Christian Ministry  He is a Bible teacher who loves to encourage people to enjoy Jesus’ grace and extend His Kingdom. Ty just released his new book More than a Conqueror: 5 Pathways to Personal Revival.    


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