3 Important Lessons for Emerging Leaders – by Ty Tamasaka

3 Important Lessons for Emerging Leaders

By Ty Tamasaka

3 Important Lessons for Emerging Leaders - by Ty Tamasaka.jpg

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here, but I’m back.  I’m setting a goal to update at least once a month on life, love, and leadership here.

Below are some important lessons I have learned over the years that I wish I would have learned earlier in my time of leadership.  This post is written to encourage some young (or new) church and ministry leaders as you step into the adventure of ministry.     

1 – Be sure to keep a quiet time with God.  When balancing marriage, kids, ministry, work, sports, exercise, and leisure time (if you have any) it is easy for schedules to get overloaded and our time with God to be drowned out.  This is such an important key.  Don’t neglect your devotions.  Don’t study the Word of God just to preach it to others.  Be in the Word of God to hear what He has to say to YOU – before you hear what He has to say to the church.  Remember – before you are a pastor or church leader, you are a child of God.  Spend time with your Father.

2 – Don’t despise small beginnings.  In God’s eyes, there is no such thing as a “small church.”  All churches are of great value to Him.  As western leaders, our culture places a high value on ministries based on the three “B’s” – budgets, buildings, and butts-in-seats.  It’s important to recognize this is a cultural value – and not a Biblical one.

Nowhere in Scripture do we see that God measures church health by numbers.  God values faithfulness over numbers and starting with small beginnings doesn’t make you a failure… It makes you human!   

3 – Re-define failure.  Recently, I’ve seen a video on Facebook showing two Filipino divers who had spectacular fails in their attempts at a competitive high dive.  I’ve read an article following where one of the divers admits that dive being a disaster, but he got back up, tried again, and fared well the next time.  While that event was embarrassing, he spoke of it really being an honor to get up and do his best to represent his people.

Not everything we do will be “successful” as we define it.  I believe an important key in leadership is learning to re-define failure.  Failure is not messing up an opportunity.  Failure is not taking the opportunity in the first place.  God uses the times we stumble to build our character, humility, and ability to endure.  Maybe that’s why James says “consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of faith produces endurance…”

Ty Tamasaka is an author who hold a Master of Arts Degree from Pacific Rim Christian University in Christian Ministry  He is a Bible teacher who loves to encourage people to enjoy Jesus’ grace and extend His Kingdom. Ty just released his new book More than a Conqueror: 5 Pathways to Personal Revival.    


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