Tips for Reading your Bible, When you Don’t like Reading – by Ty Tamasaka

Tips for Reading your Bible, When you Don’t like Reading.  By Ty Tamasaka

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I think most well-intentioned followers of Jesus would acknowledge a sincere desire to read the Bible more, yet most struggle with making the time to read it consistently and to understand what they are reading.  Whether it is due to a lack of time, a difficulty focusing, getting bored to easily, or feeling like you cannot understanding it, not reading our Bibles often leads to a feeling of guilt for a large number of Christians.     

Making the time to read our Bibles and apply our reading into everyday life is a challenge we all face.

Some tips on reading your Bible, when you don’t like reading.

1 – Focus less on reading the Bible and more on letting the Bible read you.

When we go through Bible reading plans, we often set goal to read so many chapters or verses per day or to read through the entire Bible in a year.  If we miss a day (or three) we feel guilty then try to catch up and read 15 chapters in one day and get even more discouraged or quit all-together!

Remember that when we read the Bible, our focus should be MORE on encountering God and LESS on covering a certain amount of time or material.  Whether it is in a few chapters or a few verses – the goal of reading the Scriptures is to meet God – not fulfill a religious duty.

2 – Ask God for help as you read the Bible. 

Sometimes we will just open a Bible hoping for timeless lessons and gems to leap out at us – and we get frustrated when that doesn’t happen.  The Apostle James reminds us that we “have not, because we ask not.”  I wonder.  Have you asked for God to reveal Himself in the Word?  Have you invited His presence and leading as you open the Bible?  Asking for His help might be a good place to begin.    

3 – Understand reading the Bible takes discipline.

We understand that most things that help us, takes discipline.  It takes discipline to get up and go jogging.  It takes discipline to go to the gym.  It takes discipline to shower and brush your teeth every day!  Anything worthwhile in life is partnered up with discipline and reading our Bible is no different.  It does take discipline.  Keep at it.      

4 – Don’t under-estimate the power of audio Bibles

A great gift of modern technology is the rise of audio Bibles.  There are great Bible apps that actually include audio Bibles – I particularly enjoy Youversion put out by  You can now listen to the Bible on your iPad, iPhone, listen to it in your car, or even when you are washing the dishes!   There are many dangers of technology today, but this is one benefit we can enjoy that generations past were not able to.

Read your Bible.  Whether it’s in a few verses or a few chapters, seek to encounter God.  Ask Him to meet you in your Bible reading.  Enjoy His presence and push through when it gets difficult.  Listen to it on your smartphone.

Ty Tamasaka is an author who hold a Master of Arts Degree from Pacific Rim Christian University in Christian Ministry  He is a Bible teacher who loves to encourage people to enjoy Jesus’ grace and extend His Kingdom. Ty just released his new book Starting Fresh: Following Jesus on the Adventure of a Lifetime in addition to More than a Conqueror: 5 Pathways to Personal Revival.    


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